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Kroc Center Policies

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Kroc Center Policies

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Family Membership Definition
One or two adults living in a household and dependents who are eligible up to the age of 18. At age 19, an individual with a disability or an elderly parent who is living in the same household will remain eligible for the Family Membership. Verification of family status and residency may be required – for example: tax return, utility bill, health insurance, etc.

Monthly Payments/One-time Annual Payment
Membership fees can be paid monthly via recurring credit card charge or electronic funds transfer (bank account debit). Pro-rated fees will be due at time of enrollment and may vary depending upon enrollment date. To complete the electronic funds transfer process, a voided check must be provided with your completed membership form. Membership fees for the following month will be automatically deducted from the member bank account on the 20th of the current month. Any requested changes to your membership must be submitted by the 10th of the month in order to be processed for the following month.

Annual membership payments may be paid in full by cash, check, major credit/debit card. The annual membership fee is equivalent to 12 monthly payments totaled together. The annual fee and required registration fee are due at time of enrollment. Annual memberships that are paid in full are not refundable. 

Membership Cancellations
Membership fees are nonrefundable. In order to cancel a membership, members must submit a written request by the 10th day of the current month to cancel the automatic payment for the following month. If a member cancels or if membership payments lapse for more than 30 days, the appropriate registration fee will be charged to reopen the membership account. There is no fee charged for cancellation. 

Membership Changes
Any requested change that affects the billing of your membership must be submitted by the 10th of the month to be processed for the following month. If changes occur after the 10th of the month, please see the front desk for pro-rated amount. Adding or removing family members are subject to a $10 change fee. Changes will take effect immediately.

Insufficient Funds Policy
There is a $20 charge for each insufficient funds transaction. This places your membership on hold until payment is received.

Day Pass Guests
Identification is required for all day pass users and spectators 18 and older. Facilities and/or activity use of Day Pass Users may be restricted at times. All day pass users are required to complete a Day Pass Waiver Form prior to use of facility. For day pass users  under the age of 18, this liability release form must be signed and completed by a parent or guardian prior to use of the facility. Access will not be granted until completed form is received.

Spectator Pass Policy
All guests entering facility strictly as a spectator are required to check in at front desk, provide photo ID and register as a "spectator." This service is intended to provide to non-members in a spectating or supervising capacity ONLY access to facility free of charge.  Purchase of a day pass is otherwise required for building usage.

Family Cabana Use
The Family Cabanas are intended for use by families with young children.  The cabanas are also equipped with handicap accessible showers and toilets.  Please reserve priority to these patrons.

Youth Policy
For the safety and security of all children taking part in Kroc Center activities, please be aware of the age restrictions for certain programs. Guests under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Guests under the age of 18 must be participating in a structured activity while at the Center. No loitering will be permitted in lobby and gathering areas, and the lobby area is restricted to short time use by patrons. View the age chart >

Program Interruptions
Program interruptions may occur including rental of facilities, and unannounced and unforeseen pool and fitness class closures.  The Kroc Center will update members as best possible.  If an Instructor is absent all attempts will be made to find a substitute.  For fitness classes this may include the substitution of a different genre.

After School Program Payment
All monthly After-School program fees are due and payable as of the first of the month.  Due to liability concerns, if fees are unpaid after the fifth of the month, students will not be picked up from school or allowed to attend the program. Effective January 15, 2015, staff members will only pick up actively enrolled children. Children who are not currently enrolled will be escorted to the school office.

Personal Coaching
Public drop-in access is intended for inclusive recreational use; any external person or group training/coaching is prohibited.  Contact rental department for specific group requests.

Lockers are available at no charge. Guests are responsible for supplying their own lock and clearing the locker after each use. No overnight storage. Any leftover locks may be cut and contents removed. Having a lock is highly recommended. The Salvation Army in not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Cell Phone
For the enjoyment of all, we ask that guests refrain from oral use of cell phones or other electronic media within common areas that have other patrons present, including fitness areas and locker rooms. Within Fitness Area no texting, downloading, etc. We ask that you step away from the area if you need to accept a call or text.  Electronic devices may be used for music listening if used with an ear bud. All electronic devices are to be on vibrate only at all times while in the Center.

No picture taking is allowed at the Kroc Center without the express consent of The Salvation Army.  Violations, and in particular within aquatics or locker rooms, can be cause for immediate removal from the premises.

Lost and Found
Lost and found items are kept for 3 weeks.  After this time the items will be discarded or donated.

For the comfort of all, please refrain from excessive use of perfumes, cologne and powders.

In order to facilitate positive life experiences while at The Kroc Center, mutual respect between members, guests, and staff is required at all times.

Failure to observe these policies will result in disciplinary action and/or termination of membership privileges. Center personnel have the right to refuse service to anyone deemed disruptive or abusive.

  • Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied in The Kroc Center.
  • Proper workout attire is required in fitness area. Apparel must be modest. Clothing design, including logos or messages on apparel, and all visible tattoos must be acceptable in a family setting.
  • Only athletic, non marking, light colored, soft soled shoes are allowed on gym floor.
  • Refrain from the use of foul language, abusive actions, and inappropriate behavior.
  • Lost membership cards must be reported and replaced within 30 days. There is a $5 fee to replace a membership card.
  • No one under the age of 13 is allowed in the Fitness Area unless participating in a Kroc Center program or class. Members 13–15 may use the Fitness Area with an adult present.
  • No swim wear or wet clothing is allowed outside of aquatic areas. Swim wear must be acceptable in a family setting.
  • Bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, scooters or pets (excluding service animals) will not be allowed inside the facility.
  • Alcohol and/or drugs are not allowed anywhere on the premises.
  • Smoking and/or use of any type of smokeless tobacco products are prohibited in the facility or on facility grounds.
  • Weapons of any kind are not permitted on the premises.
  • With exceptions to special dietary restrictions, outside food is not allowed at The Salvation Army Kroc Center.
  • The Kroc Center reserves the right to terminate membership in response to any immoral or illegal activity by a member.

For more information, review our facility policies and safety information.

The Salvation Army is dedicated to keeping children and vulnerable adults safe from physical, emotional and sexual harm. We refer to our safety efforts as "Protecting The Mission."

Protecting The Mission guidelines ensure The Kroc Corps Community Center emphasizes safety in the following ways:

  • Salvation Army personnel (officers, employees and volunteers) are trained in child abuse prevention and are mandated reporters of suspected child/vulnerable adult abuse.
  • Salvation Army personnel undergo criminal background checks.
  • Adults accessing the facility may be screened against public sexual offender registry.
  • The Kroc Center maintains video surveillance of the facility 24 hours a day.
  • Instructors are trained in appropriate interactions with Kroc members to enhance learning by creating a safe and inviting environment.
  • Programs involving children are closely monitored to ensure adequate supervision and safe interactions between Kroc personnel and children.
  • In order to promote a safe and secure environment, The Salvation Army Kroc Center has placed video cameras in various locations. As part of our commitment to the safety of children and vulnerable persons, The Salvation Army Kroc Center reserves the right to consult public sources to determine whether any member or guest of any member poses an unreasonable risk of harm to its patrons, staff, or visitors.
  • The Kroc Center constantly adapts and enhances safety protocols to adjust to needs.

Members and guests are encouraged to report suspicious behavior. Forms for anonymous reporting, called Confidential Notices of Concern, are available at the Front Desk.

The Salvation Army Kroc Center reserves the right to remove from the facility and terminate the membership of any member who fails to comply with any posted rules and regulation or otherwise breaches the Code of Conduct, in which case member will not be entitled to a refund of dues.

Please read this Waiver carefully as it affects your legal rights in the event of an injury, contraction of a communicable disease, infection and/or damage to property. 

Participants understand that the use of the facilities and/or services may involve risk of bodily injury, property damage, contraction of a communicable disease and/or contraction of a viral or bacterial infection and agree to assume any such risks. In case of illness or accident at our facility, The Salvation Army Community Center is authorized to secure emergency medical treatment at member/participant’s expense. It is up to the participant to consult physicians and other professionals to make sure that they can safely participate in activities and events offered by The Salvation Army Community Center.

Participant also understands and agrees that by registering, they are giving up their right (or the minor for whom they register) to make any claim against The Salvation Army, its agents, employees, and volunteers, including the right to sue them, for bodily injury, property damage, contraction of a communicable disease and/or contraction of a viral or bacterial infection of any type and/or any other loss that they might suffer while using The Salvation Army Community Center facilities and/or services, except as limited by law.

Child Watch offers members the opportunity to participate in various activities here at the Kroc Center while placing your child in a safe enriching environment.

Our caring, patient, and friendly staff are here to help babies develop trust and security, preschoolers experience learning about their world, and school-aged kids learn to make lasting friendships and new skills. In order to keep our guests safe, we ask that you follow these rules when utilizing Child Watch.

  • Kroc Center employees will supervise the children in the Child Watch center. If no children are present, the center may close up to 30 minutes early. Rates and hours are subject to change. It is our expectation and desire to facilitate a safe and enjoyable experience for parents and children, and thus we require:
  • Prior to first use, the Child Watch Center Emergency Contact Card must be completed and signed.
  • All space is on a first come, first serve basis (based on child to staff ratio availability).
  • Parent or guardian must stay on-site after dropping off children.
  • Children must stay in the Child Watch Room until released to the parent/guardian.
  • If your child is not adjusting to the Child Watch and is crying (to the point of being hysterical) for 15-minutes after you leave, we will call you by cell phone or over the intercom to come and pick-up your child. Please listen for your name/phone.
  • With parent/guardian written approval, staff is able to change diapers following The Salvation Army policy. See Diapering/Bathroom Assistance Policy below for details.
  • If your child is not fully potty trained, please ensure they are wearing a pull-up or underwear. If your child is potty trained, but still learning the finer details of going potty (wiping completely, etc.) staff is able to assist your child as needed. See Diapering/Bathroom Assistance Policy below for details.
  • Children’s items must be labeled with their first and last name; we cannot be responsible for items left behind.
  • No food or gum is allowed inside of Child Watch, in order to safeguard children with food allergies.
  • Children who harm others (including, but not limited to biting, scratching, hitting) may be asked to leave for the day. Children involved in more than three incidents may be suspended or not be allowed to use the center; the length of time will be determined by the Kroc Center Management team. If child is prone to aggressive behavior, please notify staff. Each consistent discipline problem will be addressed on an individual basis.
  • Children who appear sick will need to be removed from the facility immediately (this includes sore throat, fever, diarrhea, excessive coughing, excessive runny nose, rashes, pink/glassy eyes, vomiting, etc.). The child must come in with a note from his/her doctor authorizing usage if condition is non-contagious (allergies, etc.) This policy will be strictly enforced for the protection of the child, other children, and our staff. Please keep your child home until the fever is completely gone. A 24-hour period is recommended.
  • Any visit over 2 hours, or that extend past our Child Watch Center hours may be charged an additional fee ($1 per minute). Continued violation of this policy may result in termination of Child Watch program use.

For more information, review our facility policies, and safety information.

  • All Climbers must be at least 4 years old for Top Roping, 18 years old for Bouldering.
  • No open-toed shoes (slippers, sandals, etc.).
  • No wet clothing.
  • No child under 12 years of age can be left unattended.
  • No horseplay, wrestling, or intentionally dropping climbers.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the rock wall area (other than water).
  • Belay certification is required.

It is The Salvation Army's policy to respect and protect the privacy of our visitors. This policy statement tells you how we collect information from you and how that information is used and kept. Using the Internet should be a safe and enjoyable experience, and we take every precaution to make it so.

Users can visit our web site without revealing any personal information. If one chooses to provide personal information while on our web site for the purposes of correspondence, processing a request, or registering for an event, then it is our intent to let you know how we will use such information.

If users tell us that they do not wish to have this information used as a basis for further contact, we will respect those wishes. If users wish to review or correct the personal information we have collected, they should contact us to provide updated information. Occasionally, we look at the domains from which people visit us. We utilize this data to help us make improvements to our web site. This data is then properly discarded.

The Salvation Army recognizes the importance of protecting any information we may collect from visitors to our web site. Our policy is to use this collected information for internal purposes only, and we maintain fitting security measures to keep this information private and secure. To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and to ensure the appropriate use of this information, we have put in place integrated physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect. This information will not be disclosed to third parties for commercial purposes as The Salvation Army is committed to protecting our visitors' privacy.

Use of cookies
Certain sections of The Salvation Army web sites may use "cookies" to store user information. A cookie is a small string of text that a web site can send to your browser that is intended to enhance your visit. A cookie cannot retrieve data from your hard drive, pass on computer viruses, or capture your email address. In general, cookies can securely store a user's ID and password specific to that web site, personalize home pages, identify which parts of a web site have been visited, or keep track of selections in a form or shopping cart.

Cookies help us understand which parts of our web sites are the most popular, where our visitors are going, and how long they spend there. We use cookies to study traffic patterns on our web site so we can make suitable improvements to our web site and provide you with a better user experience. Our cookies will not provide The Salvation Army with any information not related to our web site. Your browser, however, does automatically tell us the type of computer and operating system you are using.

Notwithstanding any other provision, we may also engage a third party partner for the purposes of recognizing users and delivering them internet-based content and advertisements. We may share information about you with our vendors such as your name, postal address, email, device ID, or other identifier encrypted, hashed or de-identified form. Our vendors also may collect information from you such as your IP address and information about your browser or operating system; may combine our personal and non-personal information about you with information from other data sharing cooperatives in which we participate; and may place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser. These cookies contain no personally identifiable information; they may contain demographic or other data in de-identified form. To opt-out of third party cookies, please go to

Restrictions on use of materials
This web site is operated by The Salvation Army, USA. No material from this web site or any web site owned, operated, licensed, or controlled by The Salvation Army may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way. All trademarks, service marks, and trade names are proprietary to The Salvation Army.

All materials contained on this web site are Copyright ©2020 The Salvation Army or are licensed or otherwise published by The Salvation Army with the permission of the owner of the material. All rights in such materials published with permission of the material's owner are reserved to the respective owners.

Age Guidelines

Group Fitness Classes

  • Children Age 12 and younger may not attend classes
  • Children Age 13 may attend a structured program without an adult present

Fitness Area

  • Children Age 12 and younger are not allowed
  • Children Age 13-15 are allowed with an adult present
  • Children Age 16 and older allowed without an adult present

Open Swim

  • Children Age 12 and younger must have an adult present
  • Children Age 13 and older may attend without and adult present with the pass of a swim test

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